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6 Benefits of Living in a Multi-residential Complex

6 Benefits of Living in a Multi-residential Complex

Apartment living in Gaborone has become more and more popular with multi-residentials sprouting all over town – but what is the merit? What do multi-residential complexes offer and why should you consider renting or buying an apartment? Here are 6 benefits of living in an apartment.


The first and best benefit of living in a multi-residential complex is of course the price tag. Apartments in complexes generally go for a lot less than houses in the same neighbourhood. In addition other financial components such as upkeep and utilities are generally lower because of the smaller space.


As discussed in the financial benefits, maintenance expenses are generally much lower than those of owning a house. For a small monthly levy paid to the property managers you can have all your maintenance worries taken care of. The pool will always be clean, the gardens and landscaping taken care of and all small repairs done without a hassle – so you can concentrate of the important stuff – enjoying life!

3.    SAFETY
Although homeowners often invest in some form of home security system or another, apartment complexes also invest in the overall safety of its residents.  The close proximity of neighbors (in contrast to being the only one in a house at any given moment) and typical apartment complex safety measures prove that multi-unit dwellings are the safest locations for single women, children, families and the elderly.


Most apartment complexes come with a number of amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, braai and communal areas, children play grounds and guard houses. No need to fork out tons of cash to add these to your property.

5.    SIZE
Apartment proportions are, simply put, convenient.  A newly graduated university student or a single young professional is generally looking for a place to call home; a living room, bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen. Simple!  This space does not have to be large and lavish, it just needs to feel safe and quaint (even for the guys).  The cost of furnishing an apartment is also significantly lower due to its size.


Other great benefits of apartment living are the social implications of the close proximity and connections one develops during their residency.  Although a sense of community exists in both rural and suburban areas, the close proximity of apartment life enhances the probability of creating life-long connections.


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